The Shed is where writing is my reality and dreams can come true.

China was the land of my birth but I left with my mother and a Chinese Amah when I was only nine months old bas Japanese troops came over the northern border. In the course of over eighty years I have learnt to face disappointments and turn them into opportunities. I write because I believe age is only a number and through the written word I can share my search for the meaning of life.


a monthly blog commenting on life and exploring opportunities. Age is a challenge, not a disaster, if you can’t find an opportunity then make one!

Stop the world, I want to get off. No, on second thoughts, I want to stay, and enjoy every moment I have. I hope to retain a sense of wonder and humour as I watch and listen. I will try to continue learning new skills, while not forgetting the old, and retain that sense of wonder and amazement that I had when I began this journey over eighty years ago. For the my latest blog Click here