Carenza Hayhoe

Phoenix House

Phoenix House

'Hang on to your dreams' has been my inspiration and driving force all my life as I keep my eyes open for new opportunities and challenges.

The publication of Phoenix House after six years thinking, writing and hoping proves that dreams can come true. It has been published by Monkey Business, an imprint of Grey House in the Woods and thanks to Graeme Tallboy's critical but kindly encouragement I am really proud of it. I thought that I had written a book for young readers but Graeme assured me that it is a 'cross-over' a book that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The youngest reader to contact me so far was only eight and the oldest sixty two, all are excited and asking for more. All I need is more hours in the day for the stories are all there waiting to be written!

For more than half a century the Island of Portland on the Jurassic Coast, portrayed as Innistone in this book, has been home to me and my family as well as numerous greyhounds and Siamese cats. Those who know Portland well have said that they feel as at home in the book as do Ginny and her family but I had to change the name to enable some of the events to take place.

Ginny feels as though her young life has gone up in flames. Her beloved grandmother Connie has died; storms threaten; a brutal evil from the modern world has invaded her island home. Yet there is always new life in the ashes of the old. The strength of new-found friendship and gifts from the past equip her to stand up to the trials that approach. The island always looks after its own.

The cover design and illustrations are by Tiffany Scull whose ceramics are unique and very beautiful. You can see some of her work by visiting her Portland studio at

If you are visiting Portland you can buy Phoenix House at Whitestones Cafe-Gallery in Easton, the heart of Portland It is a great place for really good coffee and delicious light refreshments too.