Carenza Hayhoe

What Next?

Towards the end of 2010 I was on my own with only a small greyhound for company, I was lonely and I must confess, I was bored.  I decided the only answer was to take hold of life and give it a shake by exploring an internet dating site. I must stress that I had no intention of getting married again. I had been happily married for fifty five years and that, I thought, was enough for one life time. Fate had something different planned and within a year I was, and still am very happily married for the second time. We decided that we each needed writing space and so to create the neccessary extra room we had The Shed built in the garden and no day is ever long enough for all the things we want to do.

Phoenix House was published just before I was widowed and I had begun two more novels, but my personal life became very complicated for a while and writing came to a halt. Characters in both stories have been crying out to come off the back burner for months now, while others who came to life during Nanowrmo last November won’t leave me alone, especially in the small hours of the morning.  Between them the three stories include Portland history, wrecks along the Chesil Beach, the port wine trade, acute loneliness, child abuse, internet dating, and illegal immigration, plenty to keep my mind churning.

One further idea that is growing fast, the possibility of putting together an anthology of our combined poetry and short stories, perhaps a travelogue ‘Octogenarians on the loose’, who knows?