Lightly Done March 2021

Human beings are social animals, Lock Downs have been very hard for us all, but for people who live alone it has been especially hard. It was ironic that when the first lock down began I had just begun ‘Loneliness is a Killer,’ the last of my Greyhound Trilogy. In theory lockdown should have enforcied an ideal writer’s life style, long days with out interuptions or welcome time spent with friends but no; when the short permitted walk and essential domestic tasks were complete the emptiness of a locked down day stretched out like an endless desert and I found that creating the first draft and journeying into my other world required maximum self discipline. Thanks to the editorial enouragement of Judy Manville and the patience of my long suffering husband Barry Loneliness is all but ready for Indi-publishing in early summer. Thank goodness we live in a time where we have Face Time, Face Book and telephones to carry us through the loneliness of lockdown

The phone is always on and once lockdown is over the door will always be open for anyone who wants to talk. The kettle is ready on the side of the Aga for tea or coffee and a bottle of wine near at hand. I recieved a timely message this morning ‘Support each other’. Lockdowns have turned us into reclusive moles but there is always time and a welcome for anyone who is lonely.

Last year I saw from my kitchen window a seagull chick fall from the nest on a chimney pot and slither down the roof to the gutter below.  He was followed by his hysterical mother issuing instructions which her chick was too young to follow. He must have been her only chick for she fed and cared for him for a couple of days until he was ready to fledge from his position in the gutter. I saw him once more in the garden of a neighbouring pub, his mother was teaching him how to persuade the customers that they should share their chips with him.  He was an able pupil.  

The Fledgling
They told me that I have to live before I come to die
They told me that I have to fall before I learn to fly

They told me that the path is long and I must learn the way
To live and love and sing life’s song before the end of day

Magellan’s Straits and Hudson’s Bay, I’ve sailed and seen they all
I’ve plumbed the depths and scaled the heights, I’ve heard the bell bird’s call

I’ve sung my way around the world and laughed to hide my tears
As one by one those that I’ve loved are overcome by years.

I’ve lived and loved and run the course, the end is now in sight
I’ve fallen but I’m fully fledged and ready to take flight.
CH 2020