Carenza Hayhoe

Carenza Hayhoe - writer and storyteller - welcome

Carenza Hayhoe - writer and storyteller - welcome

I live on the Island of Portland where the heart beat of the world is ever with us in the sound of the waves upon our shores. Simon Read has caught the power of the sea in his painting at the top of the page far better than any photograph.  Shells and sea creatures are fossilised in the rocks set down millennia ago to form this out crop of lime stone but without storytelling we would have no past, without a past we have no foundations for the future.

Stories open the eyes of the mind; they are food for the imagination, the entry point for creativity. There was a time when it was enough to share memories of my war time childhood on the edge of Dartmoor or tales based on the folk lore and legends of the west of England or stories of dragons from China, the land where I was born. Words became the medium to paint pictures of a world where anything was possible, where crocks of gold were found at the rainbows end and dreams could come true.

As memories have become longer and the time in front of me shorter I have found a new way of life, telling stories through the written word that will, I hope, last after I am no longer walking the ancient paths of my island home.

Phoenix House is my first published novel and in What Next? You will find the some of the ideas and characters who are growing in my imagination and my hopes for the future.  If you would like to know more please get in touch, the details are on the contacts page.